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Martin's story

In 2008 I was looking forward to retirement. However I knew I had high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels. Also I was aware that I was waking at night, often several times, for a pee. I went to my GP. He was able to deal with the first two problems through medication but arranged for me to have a blood sample taken for a PSA test.

David B's story

In the spring of 2012, my GP, responding to my complaint that I was having to visit the loo several times a night, reported that I had a PSA of 38. This led to a prostate biopsy at the hospital. This biopsy revealed that five out of twelve core samples had evidence of cancer, with a Gleason score of eight.

Steve's story

Benjamin Franklyn said there are only two things certain in life; death and taxes. Taxes I can vouch for, but death? Like most people, you think you are immortal. I certainly did. That is until the hospital specialist told me I had prostate cancer!

Ted's story

I am 73 years old. In October 2007 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer; this revelation came as quite a shock at the time as I had displayed none of the usual symptoms, was above average fitness, had a very healthy well balanced diet and up to that point, never had any serious illness to speak of.

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